First Day of School

The big day is here! Another milestone to expect at 4-years-old-to-be. I am so excited (and a bit anxious) for your first day of school but I’m sure you’ll gonna enjoy the 2-hours-a-day class for 5 weekdays.

Two months before, I scouted for good schools by asking mommies. Aside from the good academics offered, car pooling or school bus is one of the factors I considered. I am a working mom whose job is online, and sometimes my schedules get rough. Thus, your auntie will have to save the day and watch you at school for me. 🙂

Good thing, Papa Orley came home for a month-long vacation so he’s doing it. I have no pics of you both at school as Papa Orley is not so fond of selfies. LOL!

Also, I already prepared your things. Here is the checklist from the school:

  • 9 notebooks with colored covers
  • jumbo crayons
  • construction papers
  • glue
  • pencils and eraser
  • ruler
  • envelopes
  • bondpapers

Now, you’re all set and ready to go…

june (3)

You are like your Papa Orley. You don’t want your PE shirt tucked in, so be it. 🙂

~in PE uniform~

Good luck and have fun, kiddo!

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Railey’s turning 3!

Happy birthday, son!

This maybe the first birthday that you’re papa is not around but his love and care is always there in your heart. You’re still young but I know that you already sense it. You’re a smart kid and I’m proud of you. A big kuya to baby Raine and mama’s favorite boy. I know time will come I can’t carry you like this anymore…or maybe you’ll be the one to carry me someday. Lol!


Though sad for beign far, your papa tried his best not to miss this day, in fact he sent his whole month salary – for our monthly expenses and for your birthday! He wants to make it as special as you are to him. Here are some highlights on the event.


Mommy Cath and Mommy Lizel bought a moccha cake for you. They were among your godparents and also visitors. Mommy Cath, like me, is a cutie! She cuddled you as if you’re her son even though I know you’re not as light to carry. Lol!


And Papalo bought one too! I put those new little toys on the cake to make it achieve the animal theme. You really love animals too much. To match the cakes and balloons, I played a video from Youtube to sing you a birthday song. Kids from the neighborhood also came and they sang along.


And last but not the least are your ever-supporting grandparents. Papalo and Mamala. Mamala prepared the food (as usual…hehehe). She’s always the chef cook in every ocassion in the family, whether held in Bohol or Cebu. 😉 And Papalo went to church with us. You lit 3 candles and prayed the Angel of God. God bless you son.


We also dropped by at your favorite place – the dolphin fountain at the mall. Unfortunately, the water was off but it doesn’t stop you from being amazed by the stone creature! In the picture below. you look like a big boy already, handsome and girl-turner? Lol! We don’t know what you will become in the future, but always remember son, girls are spices of a man’s life as boys to a woman. Just don’t forget the virtue of respect for it will make you become a better person and a person who you want to be.


Happy birthday again Railey! Papa, mama and baby love you!

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What would you be…

I wonder what would you be in the future.

A technician
I always see you have fun while tinkering on any objects you hold but eventually break them. Lol! Don’t worry kid, it’s a start! Honestly, I’m an Electronics technician too but I can’t fix televisions, radios, etc. But I’m proud I built working AM radio, power converter and sound amplifier. However, I’m not sure if I can fix them if something went wrong. Hahaha.

hand me

A singer
There was once you got Papalo’s old microphone and sang (or screamed?) to the fullest. You were amazed why your voice became loud. When we got home, you were looking for a microphone. We have no microphone, how sad?! As a mother, I don’t wanna cut your excitement. What I did was, I made a microphone out of used papers. Would that be considered as an origami art? Lol!


An actor
Before you knew there was Cars movie, you loved to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Hotdog! And also you gave us the difference of a Mickey Mouse look from a monster (momo).


A basketball player
Your father would be your number one fan, if ever! Don’t forget your name was from his favorite basketball player, Cyrus, from his favorite team, Alaska!


Whatever you might become, we’ll always here to support you in every step of your way. Idol!

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Happy 2nd Birthday!

This year has been a challenge for us. We moved in, I gave birth to a 2nd child, and a vehicular accident happened. To many things to cater, less time to spend and budget too tight.

But Railey’s birthday is here. My husband and I originally planned to just go to a mall, let Railey enjoy the rides and have a Jollibee dinner. Though not much, we still have to celebrate for every child’s birthday (even adult’s) is a blessing. Considering too that we are saved from the incident, it’s worth a zillion thanks for the gift of life.


Surprisingly, the day before his birthday, my parents came to have a post celebration for my younger sister’s birthday (August 17). Afterwhich, they went to our house and prepare something for Railey. For kids, having a cake and candles to blow is birthday. Lol! But no balloons this time. Still, my heart leaps seeing his smile while looking at the cakes in front of him. Then, he helped me cutting those HAPPY 2nd BIRTHDAY letters. Careful with the scissors! And so I called every neighbors’ kids to join his birthday bash. Special thanks to ever-giving sponsors: Mamala, Papalo, aunts (my sisters), uncle (my brother), Nelson (my sis’ bf) and Daime (family friend).

bibo pa ma

As originally planned, we went to a mall and enjoyed at Bibo, same to World of Fun. We didn’t bring his little sister for she’s still a baby and to fully give time to Railey on his special day. He hopped from one ride to another, with me or his father. I also had fun when we took the trombone! I couldn’t stop laughing seeing him striving hard to get the ball while I jumped.


Before going home, we dined in at Jollibee and ordered his all-time favorite, burger steak!

Good luck on your journey to year 3, my child! Love lots!

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Railey loves cars so much! That’s his favorite toy. And his favorite movie is Cars too, from Disney Pixar. You know Lightning McQueen? I do – as in, I really do! I almost memorize the lines of the movie and its plot. Railey, I mean, “we” watched the movie countless of times – everytime he eats, before going to sleep, during rain (because he can’t play outside) – everyday!

To drive his attention away from watching the television and sitting only, his father decided to buy toy cars for him. It’s unhealthy for kids to keep staring at the screen. Bad for the eyes, and no sweat. Kids should exercise physically, right?

Good thing, Petron Oil has this promo – get a free precise model Porsche car for every 1000 gas up. He took the chance and I kept the receipts until we get 1000…2000…3000. Then, 3 cars were availed! That’s his father’s early Christmas gift.


After some running with his cars, turning its lights on, making it rev, exploration settles on his mind. Thinking why it runs, lights, and sounds like a real car. Tinkering… One tire goes off, then 2. The next day, one door jammed, then no rear lights. On the next day, it won’t run anymore and he had to manually push it to go. Here comes the result after the next few days:


Kids are always like this. Curiosity leads to any thing – good, better, best or bad, worse, worst. Lol! But that’s normal. I’m happy he learns things day by day. He might be an automotive technician like his Papalo and Uncle and his Papa (the wanna be technician). Hahaha.

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Happy 1st Birthday!

Spiderman themed Birthday Party.

To begin with, the Spiderman Invitation.


The banner.


The very simple cake.


The party giveaways.


The party hats.


And the costume – with the mask off!


The sponsors:

  • papalo and mamala for the food and place
  • aunt Charie for the cake
  • mommy Zcel for the party goodies
  • mommy Dayana for the spiderman suit
  • mommy Weng and daddy Joel for the drinks
  • mommy Cath for the balloons
  • uncle Victor for being the clown
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railey’s milestone

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

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baptism day

A very long list of sponsors / godparents:

  1. Catherine Dango
  2. Sheila Banasan
  3. Leah Tio
  4. Madelene Salingay
  5. Johanna Gin Lim
  6. Glaiza Joy Abao
  7. Genne Grace Abing
  8. Diana Rose Balbuena
  9. Maria Zcel Baldapan
  10. Rowena Baldapan
  11. Angeline Baldapan
  12. Mary Ann Eleodra
  13. Lorna Cabezas
  14. Liezel Baguio
  15.  Jay-are Baldapan
  16. Jason Adaya
  17. Toribio Casanoba Jr.
  18. Jerry yu
  19. Ian Pia
  20. Melcher Joy Mendez
  21. Rejie Luciano
  22. Joel Rogero
  23. Nino Jason Paracuelles
  24. Gerald Paracuelles
  25. Aidyle Kiunisala
  26. Ray Joseph Neis
  27. Luric Milano
  28. Jay Toco


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my sky

Jabs felt in my tummy, I wondered

Over a week my monthly visits were deferred.

Surprisingly, a new life sprung inside of me.

How creative God can be!


Reminiscing the tragic past I had

And thought it was not at all bad.

In fact it makes me stronger each day,

Love and care from family is on the way.

Every beat of your heart shares with mine,

Yearning for a world so fine.


Change diapers, bathe you, and feed milk;

You simply smile under your silk.

Reckless plays and clumsy tries,

Under our care, you need no more cries.

Son, you are my precious sky!

at his nursery bed

at his nursery bed


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a worth of sacrifice

(*** this was written in my slumbook when Railey was still 2 months in my tummy***)


Many sleepless nights, i’ve wondered why my buttocks ache, my hyperacidity attacks, my temper rises when Orley disappoints me, and wishes to eat this and that. Then my menstruation didn’t come. I went for pregnancy test and was tensed to know the result . And it read: POSITIVE! I cried and Orley hugged me for comfort. Honestly, this is some sor t of unwanted pregnancy than an unexpected one. The fear I felt during my 2 miscarriages before awakened and came to reside in my heart again. I remembered those pains, stress, short-budgets, and hard days we encountered. We unfortunately had 2 unborn babies and never dream for another one.


Baby, you’re now 2 months old in my womb. Many people awaits for your arrival, especially my parents who will have their first grandchild soon, and those workmates and friends whoe are excited to see me with the bulging stomach in a preggy-look outfit. And of course, your loving father, Orley, who painstakingly took care of me whenever I am in pain; gives an all-out support in times  I wish of something to eat; and understands me even though I woke him up from his deep sleep. Let’s both give thanks to him.


For 9 months, I will carry you my child. I will really do my best, our bestest best to take an extra care of you until the day you’ll come into this world and burst your first cry. And we hope that your cries will give joy to a new family that is about to grow.


In God’s will…in God’s time…we’ll meet!


We love you baby, and we always will!




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